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RELIEF Capsules

RELIEF Capsules

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Move freely with Discreet Relief.  

Each serving (2 capsules) contains 2mg delta9 THC, 100mg CBD, and 250mg Univestin, a natural composition clinically proven to alleviate joint discomfort and improve range of motion, flexibility, and physical function. When you find yourself being held back by daily discomforts, reach for Relief.

60-2mg THC capsules, 30-day supply
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jordan Brock

I love all the discreet products! They are just so good and functional!!!

Ishqa Hillman
Mellow & So Discreet

I love the way they look like anything else. Perfect for travel or nosey coworkers. Efficacy is perfect for when I am working throughout the day, takes the stress edge off which allows me to be more productive since I am working with ease and not intensity.

Trevor G
Back Pain who?

I suffer from a mild chronic back pain. One of these totally knocks it out and helps me get up and moving, especially now that I'm trying to get back into yoga, and not wanting to build a tolerance to aciteminophen or ibuprofen products.

Pain be gone!

I like products that are high in CBD I prefer CBD over any other cannabinoid. To me CBD is the most effective and having 100mg inside of a product makes me one happy person! 🔥 keep up the good work discreet!

Chris Hatch

RELIEF Capsules