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Everyday CHILL Packets

Everyday CHILL Packets

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Chill out with Discreet Everyday Chill. 

These tasty tablets contain 2.5mg of hemp-derived delta9 THC to give you a near-instant sense of calm and relaxation. They’re perfect for everyday use, whether you find yourself on the sidelines of a little league game, in the middle of a stuffy board room, or part of a lack-luster social gathering.

This bag contains 30 sachets with two tablets each. These are perfect for stashing on the go or sharing with friends and family.

30 sachets of 2 tablets- each tablet 2.5mg THC 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sierra Sorensen
Helps me get tired

Very mild. I thought I could just take one a day so they’d last me 2 months but I have to take both to feel any effects. About an hour after I take them they help me fall asleep pretty quickly

Great for people with little to no THC tolerance

I get bad anxiety from being high on THC but have found super low doses to be relaxing and tolerable. These are nice because I can have 2 and be just fine or take 1 tablet and not feel anything except a bit sleepy. I don't drink alcohol or take any kind of medication so it's nice to find something to take to relax without having to be impaired.

jody thompson
Great name for a great product!

This is the perfect pill if your feeling anxious or stressed , calms you down with out feeling drugged or medicated , no groggy side effects , very calming

Amazing product

This product is amazing I haven’t even been needing to take my prescription medications for my anxiety that usually leave me feeling groggy. I can take these before social gatherings and not feel so anxious and can enjoy the outing. My mind also races at night and I have a hard time falling asleep I can take these and it helps quite my mind and can actually fall asleep before 1 am. I have shared some with my friends and family and they all love it!

My little packages of happy

I can’t take a whole bottle with me everywhere but a couple of these sachets in my bag helps me so much!