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Everyday CHILL Packets

Everyday CHILL Packets

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Chill out with Discreet Everyday Chill. 

These tasty tablets contain 2.5mg of hemp-derived delta9 THC to give you a near-instant sense of calm and relaxation. They’re perfect for everyday use, whether you find yourself on the sidelines of a little league game, in the middle of a stuffy board room, or part of a lack-luster social gathering.

This bag contains 30 sachets with two tablets each. These are perfect for stashing on the go or sharing with friends and family.

30 sachets of 2 tablets- each tablet 2.5mg THC 
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Customer Reviews

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My little packages of happy

I can’t take a whole bottle with me everywhere but a couple of these sachets in my bag helps me so much!

Fantastic product

I have an extremely low tolerance so I was a little worried at first to try this product, but I’m so glad I did. They were perfect. Just the thing I was looking for to take the edge off of my anxiety. If you run anxious or have a hard time quieting your mind in the evenings then I highly recommend getting these.

The perfect blend in the perfect dose.

I love these so much… I’ve been so excited about them that I can’t stop sharing them with everyone. My whole family is obsessed with them now. They taste great. They kick in fast. And the dosage is easily controllable. Highly recommended.

Perfect for Taking With You

I love to keep a couple packets of this in my bag for when anxiety strikes. They work great to take the edge off.