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Sample Pack

Sample Pack

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Discover the benefits of Discreet micro-dosing with our convenient sample pack!

Perfect for those who are new to the world of micro-dosing products or want to try a variety of different methods. Our sample pack includes a variety of our micro-dosing options, including our Gummies, Everyday Chill Tabs, Sleep, and Relief, so you can find the perfect fit for you. With accurate and consistent dosing, you can enjoy the benefits of hemp without the worry of overconsumption. Whether you're looking to relieve stress, improve focus, or simply enhance your wellness routine, our sample pack has you covered. Try them all and find your favorite today!

4 Everyday Chill Packets (2 tabs each)

2 Gummies Packets

2 Sleep tab Packets

2 Relief Packets

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sample pack for the win!

I tried the sample pack as just an intro into the discreet brand and found myself instantly hooked! I loved every single one of the products! The sample pack is a great way to figure out how you want to integrate delta 9 products into your lifestyle.

Literally chill pills 😍

I like to let these slowly melt under my tongue and I love the taste. But I also take them because I realize at times I lose my cool with my kid and these have helped me a lot with toning it down and allowing myself to be more patient and loving.

Sarah B.
Sample Pack Review

"Okay here’s my full review!
-Everyday chill - 4.5/5
it’s really my favorite out of the bunch. It’s mellow and really calming when it comes to the feel and how it activates
-Relief 4/5 I like the product in terms of its capsulation instead of dissolving.
The dissolving process kind of left a weird aftertaste but it was manageable.
-Gummies I could really feel.
I got great feedback from a friend tho and he said it helped him sleep all through the night. He said he hadn’t gotten a full night's sleep in forever!!
-My least favorite was the sleep aid.
It takes a bit longer to dissolve and the aftertaste felt like it lasted longer.
Did help me sleep but that was only after I got the taste out of my mouth
-Over all I give the sample pack a dope dope 4.5/5